Program Accreditation

    • Program Accreditation is a phase of assessment to accredit a study program/course and its focus on the quality of course furnished under a Faculty level.
    • The responsible institution to grant the program accreditation is ANAAA as an autonomous Quality Assurance Agency.
    • HEIs will be assessed based on 10 criteria (please refer to the manual for program accreditation).
    • The Program Accreditation is valid for Five Years.
    • The category for grading will be A (Excellent), B (Good), and C (passed).


 A combined Licensure and initial institutional accreditation process.

  • To respond to the current situation in Timor-Leste.
  • The outcome will be licensed and initially accredited Institutions of Higher Education.
  • All institutions are subject to the same treatment regarding accreditation standard and procedures carried by National agency.