Internship at the Malaysian Qualification Agency

As means to enhance the capacity of the ANAAA’s staff, information disseminations between QA Bodies, as well as improving the knowledge of HEIs on quality assurance area; internships have been regularly conducted at various QA Bodies. One of which is an internship conducted at the Malaysian Qualification Agency, which was held on 10 – 21 October 2011, where involved a representative from ANAAA ; Dirce Belo (Quality Coordinator), a representative from Timor-Leste Private HEIs Association/KIESP-TL; Sister Terezinha Guterres, and a representative from National University of Timor Lorosa’e/UNTL; Mr. Miguel Maia Dos Santos.

This 2 weeks internship has an objective to absorb a broader perspective on the quality culture and to learn the best practices from the experienced and advanced QA Body, such as MQA.

Other purposes of having this internship would be to tighten the networking and friendships between QA Bodies.