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Introduction Tetun

National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NAAAA) is an autonomous body for quality assurance in all post secondary education that comes under the Ministry of Education Timor-Leste. It was created by Decree Law no. 21/2010 on 1st December 2010 to accredit institutions of higher education through evaluating their quality. Accreditation of institutions themselves as well as of individual programs is provided for in the law.

The future of a nation determined by the quality of its people through how qualified the education system is. This fact has raised an awareness of the MoE to establish a quality assurance body which responsible in assuring the quality of Higher Education sector. NAAAA was initiated by the Ministry of Education as a respond to the importance of assuring the education quality in the Higher Education area in Timor-Leste. As a new, young and vibrant nation, Timor-Leste is still in the very root of developing its human resource capacity through education; therefore quality has to come along in the same path as the education development.

On January 2010, 3 staff have been recruited as the initial stage of the NCAAA establishment or what so called as NAAAA.


Building the Nation through Quality Education



To ensure the quality of Higher Education Institutions in Timor-Leste through the evaluation and accreditation and its cycles of studies


  1. To be in charge of Institutional evaluation of all universities in Timor-Leste, the accreditation of post-graduate degrees and regulated courses.
  2. To make recommendations to MoE on the licensure of the new post secondary institutions.
  3. To conduct institutional accreditation of established post secondary institutions.
  4. To conduct program accreditation in identified areas.
  5. To monitor post-accreditation progress through annual progress reports.
  6. To monitor institution that is kept under probation.
  7. To monitor adherence to the national qualifications framework.
  8. To conduct and participate in the implementation of other scientific assessment, including institutions that integrate the national system.
  9. To collaborate with foreign counterparts in the areas of evaluation and accreditation on their assignments.
  10. To make the assessment of the institutions of foreign Higher Institutions as requested.


Structure and Governance:

The permanent structure of NAAAA is composed of entities as follow:

  1. Board of Director
  2. Executive Director
  3. Technical Secretariat
  4. Administrative Secretariat.


Role of each Entity:


Board of Director:

  1. The Board of Directors has the competence to perform all acts necessary to pursue the objectives of NAAAA that are not, under this Statute, assigned to other organs, having the widest powers of representation and management.
  2. The Board of director is composed of nine executive members with 7 voting powers and 2with no voting power

Executive Director:

  1. Executive director is appointed by Board of Directors for a mandate of 5 years and renewable for another period
  2. It is the competence of Executive Director of all presentation and implementation of NAAAA institutional policy


Technical Secretariat:

Technical Secretariat composes of:

  1. 2 Quality Officer
  2. 2 Quality Coordinator
  3. 1 Information and technology Officer
  4. 1 Finance Officer